I am always sleepy... I slept for thirteen hours yesterday, and I woke up sleepy. I wanted to go back to sleep, but I felt I would be stuck in a coma or something, where I would wake up a couple minutes then go BACK to sleep forever! Or for the rest of the weekend...

But no! I must break the cycle!

Last night was very fun! I was completly alone, blasting music, and drawing. It was awesome! Not that I don't like people--no, wait, I don't... But I mean if my brother came in, or something, I wouldn't have been upset, it's just I was in THE ZONE and I got like five pictures done, plus work on the comic me, [personal profile] today, [personal profile] reign, and that one guy who doesn't have a Dreamwidth--kind of of like [personal profile] reign because he doesn't use his... grr.. anyways, the comic we are working on. One of the pictures is still only a sketch, but I think it may soon become a favorite out of my pictures. So far I've put like... five hours into it. I dunno.

Now I just need to figure out how to finish the thing. But I find more cons than pros with most options--inking or completely penciling it-- except coloring. But I fail at coloring. It's hard. DDDX

On other news! No wait, I don't exactly have anything else... Um... ^^;

I would post the pictures if I... had the option... I don't... DX

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