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Ahahaha, tricked my mother into getting her soul today. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.

She told me she absolutely does not want her name on my Soul List. But I have to keep track, so the name has to go on the list! And I can't just give souls back! I cannot afford to fall behind again, I just can't!

Also. Started a new MMORPG, too. AION. I suck at such games but I don't care, they're addicting. I'm currently level SIX and just got my wings--so I look like this except I'm a three foot tall, little girl, with pink hair, and this guy's an assassin whereas I'm a mage.

...Okay, maybe not like that picture. But the wings are the same! And the wings are the most important part, because they are awesome.

Now I just need to figure out how to use the wings...
today: Nyota Uhura (TREK ☌ our destiny has changed)

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Can't you just fly?
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... Do the characters look that awesome in-game? D: