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This morning we had a quiz over the last three sections in trig, and this morning was also the first time I opened my math book in about a week, but I think I passed anyways! Maybe even with a good grade!

Chemistry is different, though, because--THE POLYATOMIC ION FOR ACETATE [ethanoate] IS C2H3O2-// THE POLYATOMIC ION FOR PERMANGANATE ION IS MnO4-// THE--

--because I love memorizing long streams of letters and numbers. Mostly numbers. Especially numbers. Only numbers, screw the letters.

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I understand like none of this entry.
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........ That's what I said. I think. Didn't I?
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... Is this like one of those things where you send someone a threatening message and then you hang around them, waiting for them to receive it, and at that dramatic moment you make good on your threats?

Because, uh, you missed your chance, anyway!
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But did you have to memorize their charges? They're ions, after all.
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Only 1+ and 1- ions?! Boooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiing