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i must of been crazy to waste my time and been so lazy

In first grade, my teacher loved to teach us math. When I was home-schooled, the only subject I couldn't really get away with not doing, it was math. Now, in High School, I've taken math every semester.

So, hypothetically, if I was good at one subject at school, shouldn't it be math? But I'm not. I'm good at making maps of random objects with no propose, like cubes with slants 2.35 inches from the right side, at a 30˚ angle, and it has a circle through the center with a diameter of 1.17 inches, but it only goes in the left side .73 inches, and the top is something kind of confusing zig-zag tower, but I have to do it all in a auxiliary view ... The teachers actually pretty laid back and gives full credit to pretty much anyone who tries, so I suppose it's less me being good at it and more like, it's really freaking easy.

I have about twelve days left of school and I have a 65% in my math, and if I don't get at least a C--well, I... it... it will be horrible. I'll have to retake Algebra II because technically I didn't really um, pass it well enough to go into trigonometry, which is were I am now, I don't even know why. So if I get a D, I think the school will notice and go HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING and my plans of graduating early will be thwarted. OH NOEZ


I don't even like math, really. I just feel OBLIGATED to take it because, well, um... I actually don't know.





Only twelve days left... only twelve days left... only twelve days left... DDDDDX
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Wait, you're choosing to take all this math?
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Don't you have to take the math?

Trig isn't the worst thing ever, at least.