thor: (YEAR 2000 DELIVERY BOY)
thor ([personal profile] thor) wrote2009-06-01 10:31 pm

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Dear Thor,

You have finals in two days. You've had the study guides for over a week, and you have barely started on them, you need a B on the trig final to aquire the nessicary grade, and if your caculations are correct, exactly 99 percent on the chemistry final to get a B. You haven't gotten a B in a long time.
And still you sit here and. Sit. You type this and look up pictures of
crabs. You find this freaky video of crabs. You learn about the spider things from Lost in Space? I DO NOT LIKE THEM


Also, LKSJDfkljsdakldfjalsdkfj. akljfdklajdkjfakljsdlkfajlddfas,fadklsfjakdjfa .asd fjasdlfjldf;.d aljdflkajldfjakla afklelacx,fji4k2jl and al dkajlkadj kljasdkl so kjfdal klasjd kdjlaj lkjadkl fdk alj ljalskdjf jdflkasdl kajf kdj akf blah.

and lakjsdklfjaldjflaks.


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